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Near Eastern

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STORYTIME FOODS was established from a family passion for making and serving exceptionally tasty (and healthy) Near Eastern ethnic foods using the freshest quality ingredients.


STORYTIME is a new-world revival of centuries-old delicacies.  We use NO preservatives, NO additives.  We make expend great effort to secure local, Vermont sources for our  ingredients, including Vermont producers of flour, eggs, meats, cheeses, butters and other dairy products.


STORYTIME launched at the Middlebury Farmers' Market in June 2014.  Beginning with Wednesday-only appearances, STORYTIME products proved so popular that STORYTIME was regularly invited to the Saturday Middlebury Farmers' Market, as well.  Since then, STORYTIME has been making history - one sweetbread loaf or muffin at a time!  STORYTIME branched out the Farmers' Market presence with tents in the Williston Farmers' Market on Wednesdays, Castleton and Waterbury Farmers' Markets on Thursdays, Rochester Farmers' Market on Fridays, Rutland and Shelburne Farmers' Markets on Saturdays, and the Winooski Farmers' Market on Sundays. Ours breads, muffins, Boeregs, and Bourma are also at the Middlebury Natural Foods Cooperative and our cheese bread is available at Green Pasture Meats in Shelburne and New Haven.

STORYTIME's "MENU"  represents the essence of ancient delicacies, passed down through immigrant ancestors, extended family, and friends. Some personal "twists" make STORYTIME products new and interesting even to the Near Eastern food connoisseur.  Many of STORYTIME's mainstay recipes had periods of being verbally passed from one generation to the next, we're sure, with many "re-scripting" opportunities. STORYTIME's age-old recipes are the product of the cropping rigors of thousands of communal gatherings over many generations, both in the Old World and the New.  For us at STORYTIME, each item conjures a vivid libraries of life memories while connecting us and our own children with our near and distant past.  STORYTIME is pleased to bring these traditional foods to you and your family with the hope that they become centerpiece elements of your family and communal bonding events..

So order STORYTIME and enjoy!  

The "MENU" categories are: Breads, Savories, Salads, Soups, Spreads & More, and SimplySweets

Breads Choreg (sweetbread), Zaartar, and Near Eastern Cracker and Lavash breads.

Near Eastern Choreg sweetbread is the cornerstone of STORYTIME Foods. This sweet brioche style bread is traditionally made during Easter Holiday and is usually shaped into an individual-sized pinwheel or braid "roll" which is often served with string or Muenster cheeses and olives.  With STORYTIME's inspiration, the Choreg bread is now available in additional shapes/sizes--muffin, mini loaf and large free-hand artisan loafs and braids.  We have added a little "New-World" twist to the Choreg bread with copious infusions of fresh diced strawberries or apples.  For savory lovers, we have cheese-filled Choreg bread... slightly spicy and with a variety of cheese combinations..

Competition for the designation of "best" Choreg sweetbread has always been fierce.  STORYTIME's Choreg sweetbread ranks high - if not THE very best, among the very best!  It's the "one-bite-immediately-followed-by-the-question, 'What's-yer-recipe?'" factor that testifies to STORYTIME's superiority.  
While STORYTIME's sweetbread recipe is a coveted secret, we eagerly disclose to all of our customers that the main ingredient is --- LOVE.  It is hard do find that in a grocer's store.  STORYTIME demonstrates the love ingredient by using only the best ingredients and preparing our products with meticulous standards.  If we wouldn't serve it to our children, we won't put our label on it. 

Zaatar bread is pita-like bread with olive oil and a green zaatar spice mixture (oregano, thyme, marjoram,and sesame seeds).  Great with string cheese and olives or dips.

Cracker  and lavash (soft wrap style) breads. These are thin breads.  The cracker bread can be broken into pieces and used with dips, soups, etc.  It can also be quickly rinsed on one or both sides for s soft velvety texture for wraps.

Savory Pastries - Phyllo Dough Triangles and Armenian (Lahmajune) and Lebanese (Sfeha) (open-faced) Meat Pies - The essentials!

STORYTIME's phyllo dough filled triangles are scrumptious delights and hearty enough as a meal especially if joined with our Piaz salad.

(Phyllo dough is a very fine sheet of dough; deft hands are required in handling this delicate dough into these triangular morsels.) STORYTIME has put a new twist to this "old world" buttery filled triangle by pairing together meats, dried fruits and cheese in unique combinations.  STORYTIME challenges its patrons with a create-your-own choice!   

STORYTIME's Armenian (Lahmajune) and Lebanese (Sfeha) (open-faced) Meat Pies are true treasures of the Middle East.

The Lahmajune (pronounced lah-me-joon) is a thin circle of crust with an ample layer of minced meat - beef or chicken, or vegetarian (chick peas) along with a minced roasted vegetables (tomatoes and peppers to name a few) and a medley of spices (garlic and mint are key with this dish) to make this a unique experience. Lemon juice is often sprinkled on the round, and then some like to eat it rolled up plan or wrapped with salad type fixings, such as pickles, olives, string cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, cabbage salad or cilantro.

The Sfeha (pronounced Sfeeha) is a smaller circle of dough, lean ground beef is combined with onions, and pine nuts, yogurt, pomegranate molasses, and spices ---allspice, cinnamon. Textures and flavors from the main ingredients - nutty and creamy,sweet and savory along with the Mddile Eastern spices makes this a crowd pleaser.  The only tale here is "the best of times" --healthy and yummy!       

Salads, Soups, Spreads & More - Piaz, Jajugh, Mouhamara,  Yalanchi - Amazing Side-Plot Characters!

Have you ever read a novel with amazing side-plot characters which had you wishing for a sequel novel making them the main characters/plot? At STORYTIME, these characters have eared a status as side and main characters.  All are Vegetarian, and gluten free. Except for the Jajouk, all are Vegan.

Piaz (pronounced pee-oz) is an Armenian red kidney and white canellini bean salad--parsley and a special oil/lemon juice dressing enhance the bean/onion/tomato medley.

Jajugh is an Armenian cold cucumber- yogurt soup.  Just say yes to garlic and mint, and your senses will take to the dinner table of a hillside farmhouse of those enjoying the simple life.. This soup is delicious and refreshing after any workout--in the fields, towing, trucking, factory, gym.

Mouhamara is a distinct Middle Eastern walnut red pepper dip that will awakens all of your senses. The story here is a complex balance of heat & sweet taste along with a nutty and smooth texture--cayenne red pepper paste, pomegranate molasses.  It is a "quick read", so your only worry is an emptied bowl. 

Yalanchi - Armenian (vegetarian) stuffed grape leaves serviced cold.  You can never have just one.  And since no two grape leaves are the same, Yalanchi is best purchased by the pound.  Although the ingredients may seem basic--grape leaves, onions, dill, lemon juice, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, the aroma of the onions cooking is intoxicating giving the yalanchi an exotic taste. STORYTIME hand picks its leaves from local Vermont vineyards. This is a special family dish where we grew-up learning how to pick, stuff and roll grape leaves - thanks to our grandmother and Horkor (short in Armenian for father's sister).

Simply (Anoushig) Sweet Bourma and Blueberry Muffins - Always a Sweet Ending to your STORYTIME!

Bourma is an Armenian Baklava and the "dessert keystone" of STORYTIME Foods.  The cylinder shaped phyllo dough is filled with a sweet blend of walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon. It is baked to a perfection of buttery crispness.  The real magic is in the timing and the amount of sugar syrup each pastry stick receives.  I learned this from my Great Aunt Mary-May.  Her story is that "...a great piece of Bourma can stand on its own without the syrup.  The syrup gets the piece to heaven.  The essential greatness is that Bourma should always be served CRISP! The sweetness is a given." Match this delight with a perfect brew of espresso and your story will soar to heights unknown. The syrups available are traditional sugar/cinnamon stick, rose water essence, orange blossom essence, or Vermont maple syrup essence.

Blueberry Muffin

Packed with fresh blueberries a bite of this muffin will take you back to the days when blueberries were ripe picked in your nearby woods. The tops are crusted with sugar. (I am remembering the wooded area along Bargamian's Farm in RI!).  Hmm Hmm good and "All Americana!" Yeah! (Every mommy needs to share one of these muffins with her kiddos while reading Robert McCloskey's story "Blueberries for Sal". Whip out the library card, take out this story and or the read-along and munch on these muffins.  My brother says these are very "harmov marmov"...aka in Armenian for tasty heavenly morsels).